I know everyone is busy, but are they engaged with the right things?

OKRDoes everyone in your company, product, design, and engineering, know why what they are working on matters?

Do you see parts of the company operating in silos?

Are cross-company teams working together towards company goals or independently with different strategies and tactics?

Do you see constant context switching on goals and priorities?

Are teams “waiting” for someone or some group to “make decisions” on tactical approaches? Is everyone waiting on you or your team to make a decision?

In my 20+ years as a business and technology executive, I have seen these exact problems at Fortune 50 Enterprises, hot “unicorn” private/public companies, and small businesses. Everyone thinks it’s unique to their company size, maturity, or market space. It isn’t.

Solving these problems always involves 3 key components, people, processes, and technology, with technology still the most straightforward problem to solve.

Here are tactics that I have witnessed align companies, accelerate execution, and delight customers.

It’s the critical thinking framework you have probably heard of called Object Key Result or OKR.

Implementing OKRs isn’t easy and will take some time. First, teams will struggle to define meaningful OKRs, usually because they are not focused on the “right” work or are thinking about “activities” as success vs. Outcomes.

I have personally seen this implemented at companies from a small business to the Global 100. The outcomes are always the same.

When you successfully implement the OKR framework:

  • Demolish silo’s and cultivate connections among far-flung contributors
  • Enable front-line autonomy (with constraints)
  • Give rise to new solutions.
  • Keep organizations, teams, and team members continuously stretching.
  • You and your leadership team will have more time for strategy vs. constant focus on tactics or “fires.”
  • Accelerate delivery of results

I am starting a three-part series on launching OKRs to share some of my experiences and give back. Here is what you can expect every Wednesday beginning January 17, 2021.

A complete presentable deck that you can use to “sell” the framework internally or use to implement it at any level of your company

A video of me presenting it to both audiences to help you “sell” or execute.

3 Parts Series starts January 17, 2021.

I hope this helps you or your organization. It’s part of my personal goal to give back by helping companies, teams, and individuals to thrive.

Written by : kgavranovic

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