Kens Next Transformation is Taking Flight: His Own

I am a big believer that life does truly start at the edge of your comfort zone.  My whole career I have challenged myself to create massive change in myself and others.  As Steve Harvey said in his famous “Jump” video after a taping of the Family Feud, “You have got to try to live. If you are waking up thinking that there’s got to be more to your life than it is. Man, believe that it is. Believe in your heart of hearts that it is. But to get to that life, you’re going to have to jump.”

Last year I jumped into becoming an Improv performer on nights and weekends.

Performing Improv

In January, I decided the next season of my career, I’m going to climb a new mountain. A mountain that isn’t about me but is about helping others reach their success, using all I have learned.  I realized the best path for me to be  effective and impactful  was not working for a company but working with a company. So I started Actionable Growth Strategies, LLC , my former employer being my first customer.  I have been busy preparing and now I am ready to Jump.


I knew it was time for a change. A time to take my ambitions in a different direction. A time to use my skills and experience in transformation to build something new. A time to create the biggest impact of my career.  I like to be bold, and my next audacious goal is to positively impact 1,000,000 lives by helping Enterprises, Teams, and Leaders Navigate Through Growth, Scale, and Transformation .   I have seen it first hand when companies get unstuck their teams thrive, revenue soars, and people are engaged in their job.  And when you are engaged with your Job you are happier at work and at home.

Introducing my new business: Actionable Growth Strategies .

Whether it’s hyper growth scaling, “we need this done yesterday”, “I got the big opportunity how do I scale or transform at this scale?” or “OMG, this just happened” environments, I blend science-based solutions to real-world scenarios to help leaders and their teams take advantage of battle tested strategies-formulas, tactics and actions. 

And my 25 years of first-hand experience taking companies public, scaling to hundreds of millions in sales, post-acquisition integrations, hyper employee growth (100% y o y),  and large Fortune 500 transformations have taught me how to navigate a business environment where uncertainty, ambiguity, and the need to make decisions with imperfect data is a given. 


– Helping Enterprises, Teams, and Leaders Navigate Through Growth, Scale, and Transformation

– Helping CEOs and leadership teams of fast-growth start-ups and legacy businesses going through transformation build a sustainable business

– Helping Sales Teams perfect Value propositions that resonate by solving customer problems, establishing thought leadership and field engagement programs, and helping drive enablement to empower their customers to get maximum value from the service

– Creating and executing programs for high-potential professionals in technical roles

I want to use these systems— these Actionable Growth Strategies —to help people, groups, and companies produce unprecedented change and drive higher levels of achievement. Instead of working for people , I now work with people . I believe if I can help companies, teams, and individuals accelerate success I can hit my goal as well, to positively impact the lives of one million people.

What does Actionable Growth Strategies offer?

Actionable Growth Strategies takes a multifaceted approach to helping C-suite individuals, high-ranking teams, and large companies maximize their potential. This includes executive coaching, business and technology strategies, strategic advising, and AGS.Expert , an in-depth learning program I developed.

Business & Technology Strategy

Teams that want to accelerate success with proven solutions can partner with me. I have seen what works—and what doesn’t—when companies, teams, and individuals try to Grow, Scale, and Transform.


Executive Coaching

Top-tier professionals and entrepreneurs benefit from my decades-long wisdom as they take themselves and their organizations to the next level. As a certified executive coach and recent inductee into the Forbes Executive Coach Council, I offer expert guidance to help them understand what is holding them back from reaching the pinnacle of their potential.

Strategic Advising

Just because an organization has cutting-edge SaaS products doesn’t mean they can line up customers. (Believe me, I’ve seen it.) I partner with these organizations or teams to help them uncover actionable, field-based insights that improve their product, better their marketing, and develop a sales pitch designed to close more deals. I jump in the trenches by joining QBRs, giving keynotes, delivering thought leadership pieces, and more – all designed to provide your customer more value. For my sales friends from New Relic, I look forward to recreating the amazing success we had together.

How can you help me?

Thanks for taking the time to catchup and let me know if I can help you in anyway.

Your Partner,


PS –  I also coach people from across the globe for free on Thursday nights to give back.  Share this link and scroll to the bottom.   You can book a coaching session for absolutely no charge.  I love helping the next generation of Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

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