Business Breakthrough 3.0 – Hardback, Softcover, Audible comes out April/May 2023

BREAKTHROUGH 3.0 is the book for you.

Experts Lee Atchison and Ken Gavranovic, who share a combined 60 years of business and technology experience, provide a no-nonsense, step-by-step methodology to clarify how your company actually operates and uncover the entrenched patterns that are holding you back. They explain that leading by gut instinct will keep you spinning in circles, while putting your key business data to work will help you grow a thriving organization.

Based on the authors experience working with hundreds of leaders around the world, the Business Breakthrough 3.0 approach not only leverages the universal motivational drivers embedded in every person, but uses data to identify what’s working and what’s not within your company.

Business Breakthrough 3.0 involves five distinct processes:

  1. Establishing and actively embracing a company mission, vision, and set of core values
  2. Using a formal critical-thinking framework to organize how your company makes decisions
  3. Understanding what to measure and knowing how to use the data correctly
  4. Optimizing your organizational structure to drive successful actions
  5. Leveraging a market growth strategy for sales success.


BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH 3.0 is the ultimate guide to overcoming entrenched patterns and building a highly profitable organization that attracts and retains people who truly love their jobs.

Business Breakthrough 3.0 - Book by Ken Gavranovic

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