Make goals. Meet goals. Exceed goals. Repeat.

Unlock your full potential with outcome-based coaching.
No matter where we find ourselves in our careers, we know there’s more ahead of us. At least, that’s what we want, but getting there isn’t easy. Old habits and confined thinking may be keeping you from reaching your true career pinnacle. That’s why high-level professionals, management teams and entrepreneurs turn to Ken Gavranovic to support them as a certified executive coach. Ken uses his 25 years of executive experience and acquired knowledge from years of coaching to help people and companies uncover the pathway to success.

Guidance from someone who’s been in your shoes

The road of entrepreneurship or rising to a C-suite position is strenuous, requiring intense focus and the right strategy.

To help people and businesses like you, I’ve distilled my experience as a leader in B2B software into a proven formula. Equipped with these objective steps to success, nothing can stand in your way.

Working alongside you as your CEO coach, startup mentor, or versatile career consultant, I’ll teach you how to create measurable results—and realize your company and personal career goals.


Coaching is limited to a select few, so reach out today.

This is why you can count on me

There are a lot of executive coaches out there, so why go with Ken? It’s all about experience. Ken has decades of executive experience in scaling, growing and transforming companies across a wide variety of industries, roles and scales. He brought his first company — which he founded — to IPO at age 29, and since then he has added a long list of titles and accolades to his resume, including:

  • As a vice president who managed teams of hundreds, Ken has led Global 50 digital transformations (people, process and technology) across entire enterprises.
  • As an executive vice president, Ken has led NASDAQ unicorns with 1,000 to 2,000 employees toward hyper growth of $300 million to $500 million, as well as powering Global 100 companies from $2 billion to $5 billion valuations.
  • As a CEO, Ken has taken startups from $0 in revenue to $200 million and eventually to IPOs.

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Ken has been in the game a long, long time, and he has developed a solid understanding of how to apply powerful leadership tools to company transformations, from emotional intelligence to critical thinking frameworks like OKRs.

Take a shortcut to better, repeatable results through my advice and methods. Schedule a time to explore the right coaching program for you or your company.

I've guided growth at brands including

Coaching that's tailored to you and your company

See which program matches your particular needs.


Elevate your business

This option is for leadership teams or boards. Ken will work directly with your team to create a set of quarterly OKRs. While coaching, he’ll begin to align the key leaders’ objectives to help them come together to reach their targeted key results. Then, Ken reports back to the senior leader and/or HRBP.

Compensation: Paid for by company


Conquer your OKRs

This option is for one-on-one coaching with high-level professionals. Ken will work directly with your manager or supervisor to create a set of quarterly Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), as well as help you establish your own, personal OKRs. Together, you and Ken set out on a path that enables you to accomplish the given OKRs, and Ken will report back to the senior leader and/or human resources business partner (HRBP).

Compensation: Typically paid for by company


Reach your individual goals

This option is for self-employed professionals seeking one-on-one coaching, as well as those who are seeking coaching outside of their organization. When Ken works with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, he helps you to focus on the areas where you believe growth is most important. 

These areas may include:

  •  Defining and clarifying your professional brand
  • Growing your industry visibility
  • Increasing your ability to attract the right kind of clients
  • Enhancing your online presence and impact
  • Launching a new entrepreneurial venture
  • Taking your current practice to the next level

Ken typically works with individual coaching clients in the following ways:

  • Hosting an intensive, 2.5-hour strategy session
  • Establishing a 3-month focused coaching program for new clients
  • Instituting an ongoing, 12-month coaching program for approved clients
  • Invitations to yearlong Mastermind groups

These coaching methods are not right for everyone; rather, the offerings are personalized to meet your needs, and are priced accordingly.

Compensation: $5,000 per quarter (35% discount off corporate rate)

Note: For people just beginning their career or whose venture is in its earliest stages, Ken recognizes this may be out of your price range. That’s why he also offers free coaching on Thursday nights or trial $500 paid coaching sessions. You should also look into his career coaching program, AGS.EXPERT , which includes virtual classes at a rate of $995 per year.

What dedicated professionals think of Ken

We continue to benefit from the improved processes

Ken also left an incredible mark on my life. From new habits to business lessons and encouraging growth. EVERY conversation with Ken leaves you feeling inspired. He’s one of the few people who I would not hesitate to follow into new endeavors.

Dru Riley

Founder at

We continue to benefit from the improved processes

His natural ability to establish relationships and operational consistency at an enterprise level, had a significant positive impact on myself and the teams I manage. We continue to benefit from the improved processes, metrics, and tools that Ken's leadership and experience has brought into our local operations.

Kevin Murdock

Principal Engineer at DealerTrack

One of the best approaches to ongoing communication and planning

Not only does he have extensive technology knowledge and experience to lead a team through challenging situations and put process and procedure in place to prevent in the future, but he has one of the best approaches to ongoing communication and planning that I have had the pleasure to work with.

Sharon Kitzman

President Dominion DMS at Dominion Dealer SolutionserTrack

“An expert in his field”

When it comes to execution, Ken has a keen sense for putting the right people in the right place to get it done. Always putting emotion and ego aside, and ever with a goal of doing what is right for the company, I trust Ken as an expert in his field and a valued business partner.

Matt Trapp

Regional President at Manheim

“Enabled us to deliver substantial results in short periods of time”

Ken is a passionate problem solver who brought a depth of expertise to our start-up environment. His ability to move quickly enabled us to deliver substantial results in short periods of time. Best of all, he gets along with everyone and makes it fun to be on the same team.

Dawn McGreevey

Director of Marketing at CodeScienceanheim

“A very capable executive leader”

I endorse Ken Gavranovic as a very capable executive leader within technology… He has demonstrated the innate ability to comprehend complex technologies from the ground up, always maintaining the principles of protecting the interests of our customers, and leverages his technical problem solving skills from a leadership role to recommend solutions that normally result in quick remediation of small or large impactful issues.


Steven Hatch

Manager at Cox Automotive, Inc.

“Agitates for change where he sees a need”

Ken has limitless energy and drive. Ken is able to focus on a wide range of issues and go deep on most any topic. Ken's enthusiasm is infectious; he never stops advocating for the "right thing" and agitates for change where he sees a need. Ken would be a terrific asset to the any organization looking to improve/grow/change.

Scott Rogers

Technical Marketing Manager at VMware Tanzutive, Inc.

“Ken is one of the great leaders that I have had the pleasure of working with”

Ken is one of the great leaders that I have had the pleasure of working with. He is great at partnering cross function, works hard, and does anything required to support the companies objectives

Jim Curtis

Head of Sales - Americas at commercetools

“Ken is a passionate leader and problem solver”

Ken is a passionate leader and problem solver that I had the pleasure to work with at Cox. He brought expertise and dedication to the organization developing his team and developing trusted relationships with clients and executives across the organization. He was able to establish the appropriate rigor and pragmatic execution focus to drive sustainable improvements in operational quality. Most of all I think he was a compassionate leader who developed his team and managers and was energized by looking for creative solutions to complex problems - I hope we can work together again.

Ed Smith

Former CTO/CIO Anthem, Cox Automotive, Equifax

“highly recommend Ken for any results based organization”


Joy Jackson

There’s no limit to your potential

. . . If you know the 3 R’s: the Right formula, the Right tactics, and Repeatable actions.

Why Coaching?

If you are looking for a way to quickly achieve your goals, an executive coach can be the answer. They will bring all of their personal experience “doing” and learned knowledge from coaching others so that both parties walk into this relationship with clarity on what they want out it – which means less time wasted trying new things or getting lost in unfamiliar territory.