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Unleashing the Full Potential of Executives and Teams

As one of the world’s most accomplished executive coaches, Ken Gavranovic’s outcome-based consulting has helped executives and teams unlock their full potential. Ken has over 25 years of high-level corporate experience across various industry verticals, worked in companies of all sizes and in multiple leadership positions.

He has skyrocketed the growth of start ups from $0 in revenue to $200+ million, and Global 100 companies to $5+ billion valuations. Those wide-ranging accomplishments give Ken the unmatched expertise to guide clients to accelerated growth, prosperity and astonishing success.

Given the nature of the work, I can only take on a limited number of clients in non-competitive markets.

Skyrocketing growth for leading brands including:

Why Ken's Coaching is Trusted By More Executives, Teams, and Entrepreneurs

Ken really knows his stuff and has the receipts to prove it. With over two decades of hands-on executive experience under his belt, Ken knows exactly what is needed to overcome even the most daunting challenges and fulfill your true leadership potential.

Ken has helped hundreds of clients develop a leadership mindset, and have a greater impact on their career, company, and team. The happy result is more professional, financial and personal satisfaction.

Ken is a CEC certified executive Coach and a member of the invite-only Forbes Coaches Council. Ken has a solid understanding of how to navigate the complexities of the business world and create a customized roadmap for lasting success. You’ll learn how to apply his powerful leadership tools during each stage of your customized goal-setting road map for accelerated results.

The Sky is the Limit to Your Potential… Once You Learn the 3 R’s to Grow, Transform and Scale

What’s been holding you, your team or your company back from fulfilling your true peak potential? Can you identify with one or more of the following…

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The powerful 3R Approach

Ken has leveraged his 25 years of corporate success to create a powerful outcome-based coaching strategy that helps clients skyrocket their growth in every vertical. You’ll learn Ken’s breakthrough 3R Approach – the Right formula, the Right tactics, and Repeatable actions – and how to use and repeat this strategy anytime, anywhere for fast measurable results.

Ken’s results-driven coaching will show you how to create concrete, repeatable outcomes to accelerate the growth of your career or company. Leveraging his decades of successful corporate experience, Ken will work closely with you to work together to establish—and continue—the correct, repeatable processes that can drive your success. By setting specific goals, utilizing 360 interviews to inform specific OKR, and tapping into the 3 R’s -- your career or company will overcome even the most daunting challenges and create unprecedented success.

proven, high-level experience

A Rare Opportunity to Get Coached by an Industry Leader

All executive coaches are not created equal! So what is the #1 most important quality to look for in an executive coach? Simple. It’s proven high-level experience in the corporate world. But the problem is too many self-proclaimed executive coaches lack such impressive real-world experience, and merely repeat what they’ve read in books and seen in webinars. For the greatest success, you need a coach who walks the walk – a coach who has been in your shoes and fully understands how to navigate the complex corporate landscape and unique challenges of the business world.

Ken has deep experience across multiple industries and verticals, and has held high level leadership positions in companies of all sizes. This wide-ranging expertise equips him to guide you or your company at every stage of growth and transformation for fast measurable results.

proven, high-level experience

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Customized Coaching for Your Unique Goals

There is no “one-size-fits-all” business coaching. Whether you’re an executive, team member, entrepreneur, or a founder, Ken’s outcome-based coaching will take a deep dive into where you are today and focus on those areas where you need to grow, transform, and thrive.

You’ll develop more confidence, tap into your emotional intelligence, eliminate negative self-talk, create an action plan, and lead more effectively and effortlessly with greater confidence.

Company Coaching for Leadership Teams or Boards

Ken will work directly with your team, board, management, or senior leader to create a set of quarterly objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

While coaching, he’ll align the key leaders’ objectives to help them come together to reach their targeted key results.

Then, Ken reports back to the senior leader and/or HRBP. Ken also elevates the outlook for businesses that believe they’ve plateaued but want to take their business to the next level of success.

Executive Outcome-Based Coaching

Ken coaches one-on-one with high-level professionals. He will work directly with you, your manager or supervisor to create a set of quarterly objectives and Key Results (OKRs), as well as help you establish your own personal OKRs.

Together, you and Ken will set goals and formulate a strategy that enables you to accomplish the given OKRs in the fastest amount of time.

Ken will report back to your senior leader and/or human resources business partner (HRBP).

Entrepreneurs or Solopreneurs Coaching

This option is for self-employed professionals who are seeking one-on-one coaching, or coaching outside of their organization. Ken can help you uncover blocks, overcome bad habits, gain more confidence, and focus on those areas where growth is most important. Those areas may include:

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