Some of the amazing people I have had the pleasure to work with.

“I very much enjoyed working with Ken at Cox Auto. Our product owner reported to him, and I was the technical lead on the team at the time, so we worked closely together. Ken is a very good leader. He taught me and my team the importance of listening to customers and letting the team self-organize. I look forward to any opportunities where we get to work together again.”

“First and foremost, Ken is a great business partner.

Not only does he have extensive technology knowledge and experience to lead a team through challenging situations and put process and procedure in place to prevent in the future, but he has one of the best approaches to ongoing communication and planning that I have had the pleasure to work with. As a General Manager, it is critical to have great partners in key leadership positions, to jointly work towards your business goals. I would jump at the chance to partner with Ken again in the future!”

Architecting for Scale

“Ken is a passionate leader and problem solver

 I had the pleasure to work with at Cox. He brought expertise and dedication to the organization developing his team and developing trusted relationships with clients and executives across the organization. He was able to establish the appropriate rigor and pragmatic execution focus to drive sustainable improvements in operational quality. Most of all I think he was a compassionate leader who developed his team and managers and was energized by looking for creative solutions to complex problems – I hope we can work together again”

“I had the pleasure of working Ken in the recruiting/ talent acquisition capacity at DealerMatch.

Ken is a strong leader who excels in leading and developing technical and product teams who work collaboratively to achieve great things. He excels not only in the technical arena but across the board, offering key insights that guide growth to the business. Ken knows exactly who to connect with who and, when to do that, to get the job done. I would highly recommend Ken for any results based organization seeking a visionary leader with strong execution and team/ culture building skills.”