Strategic Advisor for b2b saas companies

I Advise SaaS Companies On How To Make Meetings More Profitable, Sales Teams More Effective, And Connect More Customers With Relevant Solutions Right Away

I Help SaaS Sales & Marketing Teams Struggling To Grow Revenue, Break Sales Bottlenecks, & Expand Profit Streams

You know your customer wants to buy. What you don’t know is what the customer needs to hear in order to buy. What do they need to know? How your product solves their problem. The issue? Your sales team, pre-sales demo, and post-sales engineers don’t know how to identify and match message to the market.

I do - and I can help. I have decades of experience walking into meetings and immediately matching solutions to customer’s needs, mapping out an organization in minutes, and helping you start growing revenue right away.

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Given the nature of the work, I can only take on a limited number of clients in non-competitive markets.

Ken has guided growth at brands including:

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How I Solve SaaS Sales Problems

The biggest problem SaaS companies have? They fail to connect the benefits the client wants to what their software does. Sales teams waste time and energy raving about speed, design, and miniscule improvements while showcasing demos no one pays attention to.

If your team isn’t producing revenue like they should, if meetings are not leading to sales, and if customers aren’t calling you back…I can help.

Using my years of experience I can help your team immediately identify what your customer needs. I help marketing and sales teams identify the need a customer has, develop messaging that communicates your solution in a way that gets customers excited, and pitch it in meetings to grow adoption and revenue right away.

You need my help. The reason why? You have a problem…


Why Your Sales Team Struggles

Your sales team has a pitch that is beautiful. The presenting deck is striking. But they just don't get your customer. They don't touch on what your customer wants: solutions.

That’s why your team is politely dismissed, over and over, with a "Let us think about it" or "we’ll talk about it and let you know." What are they really saying?....No

Good news. You don’t have to radically change your solution, test a freemium model, or try your hand at going viral. What do you need? Strategic advice, backed by years of experience, from someone who has sat on the buyer’s side of the table.

That’s where I come in. I help SaaS companies go from being politely dismissed to being in demand, closing contracts, and expanding revenue streams. Here’s how…

Who I Am And How I Help

The 3-Phase Process That Grows Revenue For SaaS Companies

Hi, I’m Ken Gavranovic. I’m a CEO, CTO, and COO turned strategic advisor who spends his free time driving revenue growth for SaaS companies. With decades of experience leading tech companies, I not only know what your customers need to hear, but how to immediately match your solution to their needs so they're excited to buy.

Here’s my 3-step process for growing revenue:​

STep 1

I join your team

I know growing revenue means being in the room. That’s why I work directly with your sales team, both in the field for in person meetings. And with your marketing team to identify the right position and pitch for customers. I will help you find the fit your team needs to start growing revenue right away.

STep 2

I create customer centered marketing

I work with your marketing team to clarify messaging, update sales pitches, and position your product so it solves your customer’s problems in a way they immediately see and understand. I then use these changes to level-up your marketing, create high-return value for meetings, and expand revenue streams.

STep 3

I make meetings profitable

I use my experience, insight, and charisma to transform standard sales meetings into strategic conversations that take clients from curious, to customer. I can either coach your team to find and fix customer problems, or lead them myself.

ken's process

My Process For Growing Revenue

I pride myself on delivering results as fast as possible. My secret? I follow a three-step process that focuses on discovery, partnering, and positioning. This way I know my suggestions match your needs to drive revenue growth. Here’s how it works.

I Research Your Customer’s Needs

Revenue grows when you understand your customer’s needs. That’s why I start every engagement with a discovery phase. Here I meet with your sales team to discover their successes, challenges, and bottlenecks. Next I research your industry, marketing, and product to identify the messaging that makes clients into customers.

I Partner with Your Team

I don't practice the consult-then-leave model. Driving results means being behind the wheel. That’s why I work with your team, both in office and at meetings, to identify their unique skills and then use them to win more sales in meetings.

I Help Position Your Product

I work work with marketing to update messaging and your sales team to match solutions to customers so you get more sales, faster. I do this using years of experience combined with field-based insights. I train your teams to increase engagement and generate new revenue.

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who DOES KEN help

want to know if ken is the right person to work with?

Are you interested in growing your revenue but not sure if Ken’s right for your company? No problem. Here’s are three things to consider before working with Ken.

If you are, Ken can help. His decades of c-suite experience can help you identify the best path to growth and the messaging you need to get it as fast as possible.

If you’re selling a variation of a variation of an already popular software-Ken can’t help. If you’re a software company with a real solution customers want (and you just haven’t figured out how to communicate that yet) Ken can help!

If you’re looking for an agency to show up and hand you a campaign you can blame for low sales-Ken isn’t for you. If you’re comfortable working with a strategic, revenue growing partner, and you aren’t afraid of the work required to make it happen-Ken can help!


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