Get strategic for your customers. Land and Expand while delivering incredible value to your customers from meeting one.

Get Actionable, Field-Based Insights To Power Your Sales Success.

Let’s face it sales sell, pre-sales engineers demo, post-sales engineers deliver.  What your customer is looking for is how can your product solve their immediate problem given all their constraints.  What your customers want is someone who has operated at their scale, solved their problems, been in their shoes.  I understand the problem of your customers and have helped enterprises across the globe scale, transform and grow.  I can connect how your saas product should fit into their organization to maximize the value to your customer, and maximize your revenue expansion opportunity at the same time.

Strategic Advisor for B2B SaaS companies and their customers

Start landing the meetings that level up your prospects, company, and customers


Given the nature of the work, I can only take on a limited number of clients in non-competitive markets.

Ken at speaking event

Why do SaaS sales meetings go south?

Serving as a CEO, CTO, COO, and senior executive meant sitting in many sales meetings. From the vantage point of a buyer, the failings of multiple SaaS sales teams became apparent: The SaaS provider didn’t understand my business.


Often, they seemed to lack an idea of how my business operated. Even when the sales team had clearly invested time and effort into their presentation and built a persuasive argument, the mismatch of their features and my needs made the pitch fall flat.


Instead of zeroing in on how their solution drove value for my company, the SaaS provider talked up their features and the immediate returns. In a leadership position, I always took the long view into account, weighing the enduring value alongside the short-term gains.

I’ll teach you how to communicate value to your leads, which actually drives sales—rather than getting stuck on features.

I've guided growth at brands including

How I amplify your success

Develops Your Position

Ken will work with you to learn everything about your company and the SaaS product you’ve developed. He’ll then help you understand the product from the customer’s perspective, what makes it strategic, and how you can leverage it to fit into your overall corporate goals.

Ken joins your team

Ken does more than give advice and leave you to figure it out from there. He essentially joins the team, working directly with your sales, field and marketing teams to ensure best practices are carried out to perfection.  As a contractor or a part-time employee, we can pick the right title to maximize impact.

Deliver value to your customers

Ken has held roles in nearly every business vertical, every company size and every team role. Using that deep experience, he will help you identify and solve customer problems. Taking this knowledge with you into pre- and post-sales meetings ensures you can demonstrate the ways your product will deliver maximum value to customers.

Gets You Strategic (and Helps You Stay in that Mindset)

As a fully functioning member of your team, Ken will help you develop and even deliver powerful keynote addresses for customer conferences, attend important customer events and quarterly business reviews (QBRs), and more

Up-Levels Your Business

Ken makes himself personally available, ensuring your team can leverage his insights and proven strategies to land more high-level meetings earlier and more often.

Injects Sales Meetings with Strategy

Ken knows how to work a room, and he’ll use his expertise to turn a standard sales meeting into a strategic conversation. He’ll focus on topics important to the client, share actionable strategies to solve their problems, and clearly demonstrate how your SaaS product fits into the overall solution. Just as importantly, Ken works will focus your team’s messaging to ensure they stay on point.

Keeps Sales, Product and Marketing Aligned

Ken works hard to gain a deep trust with your sales, product and marketing teams, helping them develop key messaging points, alleviating product gaps and ensuring all communications are delivered through true partnership.

The process


I study your industry


Our process begins with due diligence and meeting with your sales team. I thoroughly research your industry, market, and product to gain the context that’s foundational to our engagement. 


Tapping into my Rolodex of thought leaders and industry contacts, I develop a market-appropriate title for my role.


I partner with your team


Engaging with your sales, product, and marketing teams, I’ll discover more about your processes, past wins and failures, and anything else that can contribute to our collaborative success.


During this time, I discuss my initial observations with your teams. I also strategize how to utilize their unique skills for the next step.


We position the product


To position your SaaS solution for greater traction, I work directly with your teams. Guiding the process with care and expertise, I develop and refine your messaging, approach, and themes to resonate with your customers. 


I regularly deliver actionable, field-based insights to your marketing and product teams as we continue our engagement.

It’s time to talk about the value your SaaS product can deliver.

Ken has a unique business history that has seen him inside and outside of companies at multiple scales and multiple roles. And as a result, he understands what an SaaS product’s value is at a specific company — and how that value can be completely different at another company. Same product, different values, all marketable when approached with Actionable Growth Strategies.

Ken Gavranovic can help your team navigate the different ways companies are organized. He can leverage his knowledge of the ways other companies are performing, and how the patterns in those performances enabled them to scale, grow and transform.

Plus, when you partner with Ken, not only are get getting a strategic brand advisor who can offer actionable, field-based insights into your product, marketing efforts and sales strategy, you also get an expert who will work directly with you when it comes to the media, analysts, and customer-facing meetings/events.

Let's schedule some time and see if mutual fit.

· How does Strategic Brand Advising Work?

The first step is a free onboarding call where, together, we evaluate whether the partnership is a mutual fit. Ken only accepts clients with strategic products — and where he can add value.

How do you help us level up?

We leverage our brand and decades of experience to solve the problems your customer is experiencing, enabling you to move up organizationally — often directly with CxOs.

Do you have a title with our company?

We are a part time employee and typically take on the title of Field CxO, Strategic Brand Advisor, or Evangelist or appropriate title.

Do you do keynote addresses?

Absolutely! We can deliver customer keynote addresses at your customer events, as well as focused keynotes for specific, critical clients.

How do you help us land accounts?

From the very start, you can leverage our team and brand to book high-level conversations. We will join you in the meetings, physically or virtually, to turn the conversation into a strategic partnership that connects our enterprise transformation experience and your product. This is all designed to show your potential customers how your product delivers value — for you and for them.

How do you help us get — and stay — strategic?

Ken Gavranovic is constantly plugged into growth and transformation across verticals, common pitfalls, strategies, and more. We use this information to help you develop and execute high-level conversations, keynotes, fireside chats, and QBRs for your customers.

Are these services offered virtually or onsite?

Either is available to you, depending on the level of engagement upon which we mutually decide. We can block hours or full days. For onsite work, our keynotes typically take up a day of meetings in a target city.

Will you contact your connections regarding our product?

This is something I cannot provide, as my connections would be overwhelmed by requests. That said, we will work with your team to help you develop the right contact list.