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Driving Innovation and Efficiency, in Product and Engineering Teams. With a robust track record of leading high-performing teams, I specialize in tackling the unique challenges faced by product and engineering departments, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the evolving demands of the market. With experience addressing a wide range of challenges across nearly a hundred companies, I’m equipped to provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Aligned Product Strategy with Business Goals

Spearheaded the development of new products such as New Relic AI and New Relic Metrics at New Relic, directly aligning these innovations with strategic business objectives of enhancing user engagement and revenue growth.

Enhanced Cross-Functional Collaboration Enhanced Cross-Functional Collaboration

Facilitated seamless collaboration between engineering, product, and sales teams at Cox Automotive, leading to a 15% improvement in gross margin by aligning product capabilities with market demands and customer feedback.

Accelerated Time to Market
Implemented Agile methodologies at Blameless, reducing go-to-market time by 30% and enhancing competitive edge by enabling quicker responses to market opportunities.
Drove Technological Innovation
Managed a global team at New Relic that introduced cutting-edge technologies, playing a crucial role in growing Monthly Recurring Revenue from $300M to $500M by staying ahead of technological trends and customer expectations.
Scaled Engineering Capacity
Scaled the engineering team from a small group to over 650 professionals worldwide at, developing robust processes and systems that supported rapid growth and international expansion.
Maintained High Quality and Compliance
Established strict quality assurance protocols at Unqork and led the initiative to align product development with FedRAMP standards, ensuring compliance and securing significant government contracts.

Are you ready to transform your product and engineering teams? Connect with me to leverage proven strategies that bring visionary leadership and operational excellence to your projects.

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