Among software development and tech professionals, there’s a lot of buzz and hype around no-code platforms. No-code has enormous potential to transform the way we build applications and fundamentally shift the software development landscape. This is largely because line of business employees can use it to reconfigure and/or create applications to help them be more efficient in their specific use cases.

Yet behind all the excitement, many software engineers and IT teams are feeling a sense of discomfort and hesitancy. There’s an elephant in the room that no one is talking about. That elephant represents this thought: “If we don’t need code to build software, what does that mean for people who write code?”

It’s a natural human response, one that we’ve seen play out over and over again throughout history. Cloud computing was supposed to displace Ops; artificial intelligence and automation were supposed to replace developers; robotics are going to replace the human workforce. Change is hard, but it’s transformational once executed. Think about the long weeks teams used to wait for hardware before the cloud empowered instant computing.

It’s easy to see how software engineers might have this concern about no-code–a technology with a name that is the antithesis of what they do. But the idea that no-code will render software engineers and IT teams–and all the work they have already done–irrelevant, is stifling opportunity.

No-code doesn’t mean no development or engineering; it means accelerating delivery and unleashing creativity and innovation. At the enterprise level, no-code expedites time to market, increases reliability and maintainability while simultaneously reducing costs and future-proofing investment decisions. Organizations that have embraced no-code are already getting ahead and benefiting from better business agility.

This eWEEK Data Points article presents industry information from Ken Gavranovic, Head of Platform, Engineering and DevOps at Unqork.

Here’s what actually happens when software engineering or IT teams invest in no-code:

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No-code doesn’t mean no software engineers; it means accelerating delivery and unleashing creativity and innovation. Read what actually happens when software engineering or IT teams invest in #nocode in my op-ed via @eweek: Devs can get back to doing what they love with @Unqork.



Written by : kgavranovic

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