Ken Gavranovic

Corporate Growth Architect / Scaled from $0 to $500M, Led 1 IPO / Directed 35 M&As & 18 Exits / Ex-CEO/Founder, EVP & GM New Relic, VP Cox / Strategy & Peak Performance Expert / ICF & CEC Certified Executive Coach / Speaker / Board Member / Certified Facilitator

Achieving Operational Breakthroughs with Proven, Hands-On Tactics

Ken Gavranovic is renowned for his hands-on approach in transforming complex operations and catalyzing revenue growth within private equity, venture capital, and high-stakes corporate environments. With a proven track record in leading substantial operational changes, optimizing product and engineering cycles, and executing high-impact sales strategies, Ken partners with global companies both virtually and through on-site engagements, adapting to the unique needs of each client from multi-week or month on-site projects to regular Zoom consultations.

Unlocking Your Business's Full Potential
with Ken Gavranovic

At Actionable,we specialize in addressing the critical challenges that today’s executives, venture capital and private equity firms, product and engineering teams, and organizations face. Whether you need remote or on-site expertise, we provide hands-on solutions that optimize your business for maximum impact. Learn More.

Why Choose Actionable?

With decades of experience transforming companies from industry participants to market leaders, I bring a unique blend of strategic vision and practical execution. I have successfully led over 35 mergers, managed 28 M&A integrations, and guided 18+ successful exits. My approach ensures that every strategy is actionable and delivers measurable results.

How We Work

Hands-On Expertise: Whether remotely or on-site, I dive deep into your business to provide tailored solutions that drive growth and efficiency.
Strategic Execution: From strategic planning to operational excellence, I help you turn high-level visions into actionable plans.
Collaborative Synergy: Enhancing team performance and fostering environments that encourage collaboration and innovation.

Ready to Drive Change?

Engage with Ken today to harness the full potential of your operations.
Whether through strategic consultation or hands-on leadership, Ken is ready to help your business achieve extraordinary results.

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Are You Ready to Fuel Engagement, Boost Loyalty, and Drive Lasting Change?

Ken’s new book, BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH 3.0, written with Lee Atchison, is an accessible, no-nonsense guide for business transformation and sustainable change.

Ken draws on his decades of experience to provide a step-by-step methodology for clarifying how your company operates, while uncovering the entrenched patterns that are holding you back.


  • Establish a company mission, vision, and set of core values
  • Use a solid framework to organize company-wide decision-making
  • Measure and use data correctly
  • Optimize your organizational structure to drive results
  • Leverage a market growth strategy for sales success.

You’ll discover exactly what’s working and not working within your company, and learn how to fix it. Secure your organization’s future with Ken’s advice.

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