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  • I had 2 calls with an outstanding performer who was confused why their hard work didn’t lead to promotions, 1 month later they were promoted.

  • I had 4 calls with one up-and-coming CEO, He raised $3M for his idea.
  • I had 3 calls with someone who was stuck in a dead-end job, got a title promotion, and $25,000 increase in salary two months later.
  • I hosted a mastermind session one evening on rentals (used to have 100) and passive financing. As a result, 3 of the 12 now have passive income from rentals.
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I’ve known Ken for 20 years

I  have known Ken for 20 years

“I have known Ken for 20 years, having made a strategic investment in Interland prior to it going public. Ken is high performing technologist whose insight I often sought out. His assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of development tools. His history of developing successful teams and product are evidenced by his resume. Beyond those obvious skills, Ken displays three other qualities that represent his character. 1. He’s an excellent judge in talent. Part of what impressed me in the early days of Interland was his ability to recruit a talented executive team to work with him – great character with high-quality skills. 2. He is a natural entrepreneur. I backed Ken in a technology startup, but I’ve known him to take on opportunities in real estate, retail, and financial markets. He has this ability to judge the upside and risk with an opportunity or market and make the quick decision to take it on. That willingness to take on risk and make decisive actions is a quality that’s often sought out but rarely executed quite as well as with Ken. Finally 3rd, he’s a man of integrity. He’ll often share a situation where an individual of lesser integrity might take the easy path. Ken recognizes the slippery slope of poor judgment and will always choose the high road.”

Daniel Keoppel, Senior Innovation Investment & Operations Verizon

“Ken is one of the best leaders that I’ve seen.  We worked together for over 4 years across 2 companies. I’ve watched Ken boost the output of software teams, raise hiring standards and transform behavior by example.  He’s committed to constant improvement, accountability, and direct communication.  Ken also left an incredible mark on my life. From new habits to business lessons and encouraging growth. EVERY conversation with Ken leaves you feeling inspired. He’s one of the few people who I would not hesitate to follow into new endeavors.”

“I enjoyed my opportunity to report directly to Ken. During this time, his natural ability to establish relationships and operational consistency at an enterprise level, had a significant positive impact on myself and the teams I manage. We continue to benefit from the improved processes, metrics, and tools that Ken’s leadership and experience has brought into our local operations. I would recommend Ken to any organization seeking to grow and improve their technology and operations capabilities.”

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By |April 27th, 2021|Categories: Digital Transformation, measure what matters, no code, Trends|Tags: , |

Among software development and tech professionals, there’s a lot of buzz and hype around no-code platforms. No-code has enormous potential to transform the way we build applications and fundamentally shift the software development landscape. This is largely because line of business employees can use it to reconfigure and/or create applications to help them be more efficient in their specific use cases. Yet behind all the excitement, many software engineers and IT teams are feeling a sense of discomfort and hesitancy. There’s an elephant in the room that no one is [...]

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