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As an experienced Operations and General Management Executive, I specialize in B2B SaaS operations, adept at capital raising (including IPOs, VC, and strategic partnerships), and have successfully managed over 22 M&A consolidations worth over $2B. My leadership has driven substantial growth in Go-to-Market, Finance, Engineering, and Product teams in both traditional and highly matrixed organizations.

At WEB.COM (Interland) as founder and CEO, I rapidly scaled the business to $200M in revenue, leading to a successful Nasdaq IPO within three years. In my current role as COO at Blameless.com, I've spearheaded a significant company turnaround by managing a global Go-to-Market team, optimizing operational expenditures, transforming sales strategies, and significantly improving revenue growth.

While at New Relic as Executive Vice President and General Manager, I led a global team of over 450 professionals, contributing to substantial new sales growth and driving Monthly Recurring Revenue from $300 million to around $500 million. My leadership in product innovation and operational efficiency was instrumental in expanding our customer base and reducing churn.

At Cox Automotive, as Vice President, I managed a significant budget across multiple units, enhancing gross margin by 15% and leading initiatives that improved operational resilience and product development metrics, demonstrating my ability to solve complex problems and drive financial and operational excellence.

My background enables me to effectively collaborate and strategize with CEOs across startups, public unicorns, and Fortune 500 companies, utilizing my expertise in B2B SaaS metrics to drive improvements in MRR, ARR, Churn Rate, CAC, LTV, and other key performance indicators.

I prioritize aligning teams with business objectives, operational efficiency, and innovation, supported by data-driven strategies. My emotional intelligence and certified coaching skills help me navigate complex personnel challenges, building a culture of trust and productivity.

I have been proudly recognized by Inc., Forbes, InfoWorld, and CIO Magazine, as a dynamic, results-driven leader.

Ken Gavranovic

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