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Planning an offsite retreat? Make it a transformative experience with Ken Gavranovic. With extensive experience in transforming complex operations and catalyzing growth, Ken empowers teams to integrate best practices for effective communication, ensure psychological safety, and engage in crucial conversations.  Ken’s offsite retreats strike the perfect balance between fun, team bonding, and deep, strategic work. Participants will get to know each other while also diving into quarterly plans, exploring critical thinking frameworks, and navigating crucial decisions.

Expert Guidance: Ken brings a wealth of experience as a trained professional speaker and executive coach. His background includes roles as CEO, CMO, CRO, CPO, and CPTO in both public and private sectors, giving him unique insights into every facet of leadership and organizational dynamics.

Tailored Insights: Whether you’re a promising startup, a fast-growing company on the road to IPO or acquisition, or a billion-dollar public company, Ken’s experience spans all stages of growth. His retreats are customized to address your specific challenges and opportunities.

His retreats are designed to align personal and professional aspirations, ensuring your team achieves top industry performance.

What People Say About Working With Ken

Tailored Forum Retreats By Ken Gavranovic

Elevate your team to elite performance with a customized retreat that deepens connections and ensures every member feels seen, heard, known, and accepted. 

Ken Gavranovic utilizes a dynamic blend of practical exercises and live coaching demonstrations to foster this environment.

Understanding and Engagement: The Foundation of Effective Teams

Discovering and understanding personal motivations and impacts are crucial for every team member. Gain profound insights into individual drivers and how each person influences the forum or board dynamics.

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Let Ken Gavranovic Facilitate Your Next Forum Retreat

Enhance your forum's effectiveness by fostering deeper connections and ensuring psychological safety under Ken’s expert guidance.

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What to Expect at Our Forum Retreat:

Diagnostic Assessment:

Each participant completes a brief diagnostic test to uncover deep personal insights, enhancing self-awareness and promoting greater acceptance within the team.

Personal History Exploration:

Ken guides each participant through sharing their life stories within a supportive group setting, promoting understanding and strengthening team bonds.

Behavioral Survey:

This in-depth survey assesses how participants are perceived by others. It explores whether colleagues feel acknowledged and valued, and it delves into each individual’s internal dialogue.

Problem-Solving Framework:

Based on the insights of decision strategist Annie Duke, this framework helps resolve nearly any challenge by altering approaches to feedback, experience processing, and personal or professional interactions.

Psychological Safety Demonstration:

Ken demonstrates the Psychological Safety coaching model live, teaching techniques to address deep-rooted issues effectively. These skills are invaluable across all areas of life, including personal and professional relationships.

Reflective Inquiry Tools:

Incorporating techniques from Michael Bungay Stanier, these tools are designed to enhance communication skills, allowing participants to forge authentic connections and heal significant relationships. These strategies are effective for interacting with people of any age, from 8 to 80.

One-Day Retreat Package

  • Duration: One Full Day

  • Participants: Minimum of 5 Attendees

  • Features:

    Two complimentary hours for a pre-retreat dinner the evening before and full day. Extra days available at discounted rate.

  • Travel & Extras: At Cost

  • Investment: $5,000 in U.S. | $8,000 outside U.S. (USD)

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Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure I arrive well-prepared and on time, I plan to travel to your retreat location the day before the event starts. This not only minimizes travel uncertainties but also allows me to join your team for a pre-retreat dinner at no additional cost, providing an excellent opportunity for us to start connecting in a relaxed setting.

I keep things simple and transparent by passing on the direct costs of travel, which include airfare, airport parking, ground transportation, and lodging. The primary variable in these costs is typically airfare, depending on the location of your retreat.

You can expect a direct and effective approach from me. My goal is to create deeper connections within your team by embracing and navigating the tough conversations that are often avoided.

My method involves establishing a psychologically safe space where everyone can let go of past conflicts and perceived barriers. I use techniques like curiosity-driven inquiry, mirroring to reflect understanding, and validation to foster authenticity and transparency. This approach not only resolves underlying issues but also equips your team with relational skills that enhance both personal and professional interactions, ensuring everyone leaves the retreat with a stronger bond and actionable insights for ongoing improvement.

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Enhance Your Forum’s Effectiveness By Fostering Deeper Connections And Ensuring Psychological Safety Under Ken’s Expert Guidance.

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