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From fast-growing startups to billion-dollar enterprise companies, Ken helps organizations recognize their highest growth potential with actionable growth strategies. This is my blog where I share those insights, tactics from my experience along with other industry titans.

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Product-led Growth: Is it right for your company?

The world is changing. As product-centric, market-led companies feel the pressure to take a customer-centric approach as expeditiously as possible, it can be difficult to maintain – let alone devise – the strategies necessary to survive and thrive.
As customer demands continue to increase, companies need to adopt a customer-led growth approach to stay ahead of the curve and get the most out of their limited resources.
What exactly is product-led growth (PLG)? It is a sustainable, long-term growth strategy centered on creating a product that people want – rather than just a product.

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The Difference Between Leaders and Managers: What Makes One a Leader?

Leadership and management are often mentioned in the same breath, as if they’re interchangeable. In fact, many people think that managers are also leaders. Is this true? Do these two roles have nothing in common?
A manager’s job is to take care of operational tasks at a company or organization, making sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. A leader, on the other hand, has a different role. They inspire their team members to achieve goals and build lasting relationships with other teams and individuals.
Management vs leadership: How do these roles differ from each other? Let’s find out!

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