"Ken is an expert at helping leaders navigate through Growth, Scale and Transformation."

From fast-growing startups to billion-dollar enterprise companies, Ken helps organizations recognize their highest growth potential with actionable growth strategies. Achieve alignment, increase sales, accelerate product delivery, deliver what your customers want with an effective, engaged, high trust team.

Ken Gavranovic
Business, Technology & Sales Strategist, Author, Strategic Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Angel Investor, Certified Executive Coach

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It takes an expert to make an expert.

For more than 25 years, Ken Gavranovic has powered companies forward as a Fortune 500 executive, business owner, angel investor, and certified executive coach. Ken first found major success when he grew the business he founded into a $200+ million company, eventually taking it to IPO before he was 30 years old. Since that time, he has used his extensive business acumen and innovative growth strategies to transform businesses across a wide variety of industries.

strategic advisor

You built a better product. now let's build a better way to sell it.

Are you sitting on a game-changing SaaS product but having a hard time getting customer buy-in? When you partner with Ken, you’ll receive actionable, field-based insights into how to improve the product, the marketing that surrounds it, and the way your sales team approaches it. 

He’ll help you land more meetings and close more deals, essentially transforming your company into a better version of itself.

coaching & consulting

Having problems executing, scaling, transforming or igniting growth?

Ken is a certified executive coach and works directly with a limited number of top-tier professionals and organizations. 

He provides individual coaching for entrepreneurs and people looking for guidance outside of their organization, executive coaching for high-level professionals, and company coaching for leadership teams and/or boards.

AGS.Expert Online Course & Community

Push yourself to your full potential with Actionable Growth Strategies.

Hope is not a strategy. That’s why Ken developed Actionable Growth Strategies and created the annual AGS.EXPERT learning program. 

Under his guidance, you’ll have access to powerful online classes, certifications, monthly discussions, quarterly live goal coaching sessions and so much more. Learn to set and achieve the right goals to send your career and potential to the next level.

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Digital Transformation

Boost Your Enterprise Agility by Following the Three Rs

In the first article in this series, I made the case for enterprise agility – not just saying you’re a digital business but truly operating like one. It means that throughout your organization, teams accept change, drive towards acceleration and are comfortable with ambiguity.

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Digital Transformation

Product-led Growth: Is it right for your company?

The world is changing. As product-centric, market-led companies feel the pressure to take a customer-centric approach as expeditiously as possible, it can be difficult to maintain – let alone devise – the strategies necessary to survive and thrive.
As customer demands continue to increase, companies need to adopt a customer-led growth approach to stay ahead of the curve and get the most out of their limited resources.
What exactly is product-led growth (PLG)? It is a sustainable, long-term growth strategy centered on creating a product that people want – rather than just a product.

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Grow your professional skills

The Difference Between Leaders and Managers: What Makes One a Leader?

Leadership and management are often mentioned in the same breath, as if they’re interchangeable. In fact, many people think that managers are also leaders. Is this true? Do these two roles have nothing in common?
A manager’s job is to take care of operational tasks at a company or organization, making sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. A leader, on the other hand, has a different role. They inspire their team members to achieve goals and build lasting relationships with other teams and individuals.
Management vs leadership: How do these roles differ from each other? Let’s find out!

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