Strategic Advisor & consultant

An Exclusive Invitation from Ken

Navigating the dynamic terrain of business, whether you’re in executive leadership or private equity, demands unparalleled insights and actionable strategies. And who better to glean those from than someone who’s successfully walked that path multiple times?

Why Collaborate with Ken?

  1. Strategic Alignments: Ken has fortified growth trajectories and tech revolutions partnering with industry titans, global entities, venture capitalists, and private equity mavens.

  2. Leadership Mettle: From helming a Fortune 50 company as VP to pioneering as a Public CEO, CTO, and beyond, Ken’s leadership spectrum is both diverse and influential.

  3. Coaching Prowess: As a certified coach and respected member of the International Coach Federation, Ken’s advisory caliber is undisputed.

  4. Transformational Journeys: Ken has masterminded both technical and cultural metamorphoses on a global scale.

  5. Scaling Mastery: His expertise in evolving companies from bootstrap stages to monumental $200m valuations and overseeing IT budgets north of $100B is nothing short of legendary.

  6. Thought Leadership: As the author of the Amazon bestseller “Business Breakthrough 3.0” and a revered voice on global platforms, Ken’s perspectives are both insightful and actionable. Not to mention, his expertise has been highlighted by eminent media giants such as CNN, CNBC, Forbes, and more.

  7. Track Record of Exits: With a rich history of success in both the public and private sectors, Ken’s strategic foresight and executional prowess stand testament to his unmatched business acumen.

Real-world Accolades:

  • John : “My weekly rendezvous with Ken is a treasure trove of insights, aligning me closer to success every single time.”
  • Dru : “With Ken’s guidance, my learning curve as a General Manager isn’t just shortened, it’s optimized.”
  • Abdul : “Elevating from managing 500 to 2000 engineers was daunting. Ken’s sessions were the catalyst transforming our team into motivated high-flyers.”

Exclusive Opportunity Given the dual responsibilities of a full-time role and multiple board positions, my bandwidth is inherently limited. However, in my commitment to contribute and catalyze transformative journeys, I’m offering a complimentary execution session. This is our chance to determine a symbiotic fit, ensuring that our collaboration will be a strategic asset to you or your organization.

Seize this exclusive opportunity. Let my extensive experience serve as your business compass, accelerating your growth and transformation journey.

Engage. Evolve. Excel. With Ken as your partner.