Strategic Portfolio Solutions For Venture Capital, Corporate Development And Private Equity

Welcome to the domain where strategic vision meets precise execution. I am Ken Gavranovic, a seasoned executive with a distinguished track record of transforming vision into actionable success across hundreds of companies. My expertise spans from hands-on leadership roles in my ventures to consulting for private equity, venture capital, and corporate development leaders, driving measurable results through strategic planning and robust operational execution.

For Venture Capital:

I accelerate the learning curve of new leadership teams, helping them drive towards measurable goals and align their leadership, ensuring smart capital deployment and growth. With hands-on experience, I coach teams to solve problems or step in to address challenges directly.

For Private Equity:

I assist leadership teams in navigating growth and transformation, leveraging my experience to achieve financial outcomes while maintaining top talent. Whether parachuting in to fix issues, playing an interim role, or providing strategic coaching, I bring a deep understanding of optimal role interplay from my extensive background as a CEO, CMO, CRO, CPO, and CPTO in both public and private sectors.

For Corporate Development:

As an advisor or hands-on executor, I ensure new acquisitions are quickly integrated, delivering on the business case behind the investment.

With firsthand experience scaling companies from startup to IPO, increasing revenues from $0 to $200M and $250M to $500M, and managing enterprises processing billions of dollars, I have led 1 IPO, 3 public companies, 35 M&A integrations, and 18 exits.

If you’re aiming to achieve financial targets with a recent acquisition, guide a team through a pivotal phase, or need temporary leadership during a critical transition, count on me for the expertise you require. Let’s collaborate to turn your strategic objectives into tangible results.

Strategic Plan Execution

At New Relic, I was instrumental in evolving the company structure to a general manager model, significantly accelerating product delivery and revenue growth. This initiative exemplified my capacity to transform high-level visions into actionable plans executed seamlessly across diverse organizational functions.

Alignment and Prioritization

With strategic foresight at, I led the company through a series of strategic roll-ups, escalating our operations to $200M in annual revenue and successfully navigating our IPO. My efforts ensured that every organizational activity was aligned with our strategic goals, maximizing outcomes and driving rapid growth.

Scaling and Collaboration

During my tenure at Cox Automotive, I managed substantial budgets and multiple units to enhance gross margins by 15% and spearhead initiatives that bolstered operational resilience. My approach to fostering scalable structures and collaborative environments was key in propelling operational integration and company-wide efficiency.

Financial Performance Improvement

Also at Cox Automotive, I enhanced EBITDA by strategically shifting from high-cost contractors to internal hires and executing major cost negotiations. This not only optimized our financial performance but also elevated our operational efficiency across the board.

Technology Integration and Innovation

At New Relic, I led a global team to introduce groundbreaking products like New Relic AI and New Relic Metrics, which drove substantial sales growth and reduced churn. My leadership was crucial in integrating cutting-edge technologies that kept us at the forefront of industry innovation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

At, I effectively managed 15 strategic roll-ups, integrating acquired entities that were vital for expanding our service capabilities and ensuring scalable growth. My adeptness in navigating post-acquisition challenges ensured seamless transitions that aligned with our strategic objectives.

Operational Excellence and Efficiency

I spearheaded an operational overhaul at New Relic, enhancing efficiency by 40% and reducing costs by 25%. This not only demonstrates my expertise in streamlining operations but also underscores my commitment to maintaining high-quality standards without compromising customer satisfaction.

explore how we can partner to drive your investments towards unparalleled success, leveraging strategic insights and operational excellence to turn potential into performance.

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