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Thinkers50: Leadership Awards

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In leadership thought and practice, platforms like Thinkers50 stand as pivotal gatherings where today’s foremost thinkers in management share insights that shape the direction of leadership. Every two years, Thinkers50 honors top business and management ideas with its Ranking of Management Thinkers and Distinguished Achievement Awards. Dubbed “The Oscars of management thinking” (Financial Times), it also features the annual Radar list for emerging thinkers and a Hall of Fame for Influential lifetime contributors. Thinkers50 is globally respected for its independence, integrity, and market intelligence, solidifying its position as the leading authority in mangement ideas. 

As the author of “Business Breakthrough,” I had the opportunity to engage in deep discussions with thought leaders like Marshall Goldshmith and Subir Chowdhury, exploring the nuances of what truly makes a leader transformational. 

Marshall Goldsmith‘s notable work, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There,” emphasizes the need for leaders to continuously evolve, focusing on proactively identifying and addressing personal blind spots. Subir Chowdhury’s “The Power of Six Sigma” demonstrates how principles of relentless improvement, inspired by Toyota, can be applied to achieve sustained success in organizations as varied as Sony and Lufthansa.

Through my journey from launching startups to leading them to the public market, I’ve seen how innovative approaches can disrupt and outperform the established order. It’s clear that leadership is about more than intellect or charisma; it involves embracing mental models that foster resilience and adaptability. As Marshall suggests, with anonymous feedback, reflecting on past failures to guide future strategies is critical for meaningful progress.

Drawing from the rich dialogues at Thinkers50 and my own leadership experiences, here are insights for those committed to refining their leadership prowess.

Embrace Failure and Imperfect Learning: Engaging with the wisdom shared at Thinkers50 has deepened my understanding of failure’s critical role in leadership development. This principle, echoed by Goldsmith and Chowdhury, has reaffirmed my belief in the constructive power of failure as a springboard for growth and innovation.

Take Extreme Ownership: Emphasizing the importance of complete accountability for outcomes has been a guiding principle in my leadership approach. This shared belief among the world’s leading management thinkers has reinforced my conviction that authentic leadership is about embracing triumphs and setbacks and using these experiences to foster a culture of resilience and ongoing improvement. Ownership is more than taking credit; it’s about crediting the team for successes, clearing obstacles, articulating vision, instilling belief, and driving strategy.

Proactively Address Triggers: The Thinkers50 discussions, particularly on Goldsmith’s insights into behavioral triggers, have underscored the importance of proactive leadership in managing personal and organizational triggers. Creating an environment that values diverse perspectives and commits to shared goals is essential for cohesive and effective leadership.

Kindling the Internal Fire: The concept of ‘Mojo,’ the inner drive that propels leadership passion, has been a central theme in my leadership philosophy. My experiences, echoed by the Thinkers50 consensus, highlight the critical role of passion and enthusiasm in inspiring teams and catalyzing change. An anecdote from my early career, when a bold stance against a competitor’s threat rallied my team, illustrates the power of a clear vision and the belief in overcoming obstacles together.

My participation in Thinkers50, coupled with the insights from “Business Breakthrough,” showcases the alignment of my leadership principles with the broader wisdom of some of the most respected minds in management. The pillars of embracing failure, taking ownership, proactive engagement, and igniting passion are crucial to mastering the complexities of modern leadership, spurring innovation, and securing lasting achievement.

These insights encourage leaders to boldly advance on their paths, fortified by the knowledge that their experiences resonate with and are supported by a global community of leadership thinkers.



PS Go team.  And I can’t forget my great Mentor and Ny Times Best Seller Dorie Clark

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