Product-led Growth: Is it right for your company?

The world is changing. As product-centric, market-led companies feel the pressure to take a customer-centric approach as expeditiously as possible, it can be difficult to maintain – let alone devise – the strategies necessary to survive and thrive.
As customer demands continue to increase, companies need to adopt a customer-led growth approach to stay ahead of the curve and get the most out of their limited resources.
What exactly is product-led growth (PLG)? It is a sustainable, long-term growth strategy centered on creating a product that people want – rather than just a product.

You Call Yourself a Digital Business. But Do You Truly Operate as One?

Operate like a digital business

It’s 2022. All businesses are digital, right?

That assumption is not only not as safe as you think it is, it’s downright dangerous to the health of a company.

Over these last few decades, we’ve forgotten the bumpy road to digitalization – even as we’re facing another historical inflection point. In the late 1990s, Many businesses went online kicking and screaming. Many more refused to make the substantive changes to accompany their minimal web presence – which is why today nearly 50% of the Fortune 500 from 2000 are gone today.

Kens Next Transformation is Taking Flight: His Own

I knew it was time for a change. A time to take my ambitions in a different direction. A time to use my skills and experience in transformation to build something new. A time to create the biggest impact of my career. I like to be bold, and my next audacious goal is to positively impact 1,000,000 lives by helping companies, teams and leaders Grow, Scale and Transform. I have seen it first hand when companies get unstuck their teams thrive, revenue soars, and people are engaged in their job. And when you are engaged with your Job you are happier at work and at home.