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Business Breakthrough 3.0

Business Breakthrough 3.0 has Arrived “BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH 3.0 offers practical insights to drive structure affects decision-making speed and the ability to leverage talent–transformations and optimize agility. It is often overlooked how organizational organizations may not realize that they get the outcomes they organize for.” –Ed Smith, former CTO, Anthem; CTO/CIO Cox Automotive; CIO Equifax SHATTER THE CONSTRAINTS […]

Product-Led Growth: Is It Right For You?

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The world is changing. As product-centric, market-led companies feel the pressure to take a customer-centric approach as expeditiously as possible, it can be difficult to maintain – let alone devise – the strategies necessary to survive and thrive.
As customer demands continue to increase, companies need to adopt a customer-led growth approach to stay ahead of the curve and get the most out of their limited resources.
What exactly is product-led growth (PLG)? It is a sustainable, long-term growth strategy centered on creating a product that people want – rather than just a product.

Boost Your Enterprise Agility With “The Three Rs”


In the first article in this series, I made the case for enterprise agility – not just saying you’re a digital business but truly operating like one. It means that throughout your organization, teams accept change, drive towards acceleration and are comfortable with ambiguity.

Navigating Digital Business Transformation: An Operational Guide

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When your organization faces scary numbers – a weak quarterly report, low customer satisfaction, sluggish time-to-market – the natural instinct is to play the change card. Something decisive. Dramatic. Digital.

Their fingers pointed at the “old” system, so many CEOs want a “new” one.

Is Your “Digital Business” Truly Operating Like One?


It’s 2022. All businesses are digital, right?

That assumption is not only not as safe as you think it is, it’s downright dangerous to the health of a company.

Over these last few decades, we’ve forgotten the bumpy road to digitalization – even as we’re facing another historical inflection point. In the late 1990s, Many businesses went online kicking and screaming. Many more refused to make the substantive changes to accompany their minimal web presence – which is why today nearly 50% of the Fortune 500 from 2000 are gone today.

Achievement or Completion? How Are You Measuring Outcomes?


For years, companies used to make annual plans to drive more Enterprise Agility. Now they make quarterly forecasts for the same purpose. New tactic, same game. But what if that Enterprise Agility is defined by activity level rather than concrete outcomes achieved that build towards real Enterprise Agility? If annual or quarterly success is measured by activity only, does that actually make a company “successful”? Let’s say the employees were really busy and their “activity level” was high; in fact,

The Importance of Building a Risk Management Matrix

Risk Matrix Template

It doesn’t matter if your company is in the Fortune 100 or a small business that you operate from your home, Risk Management needs to be an integral part of your daily considerations to run a profitable business. Of course, depending on your size and scope there will be different factors that need to be considered. A multi-national company needs to focus on different risk factors than a “mom and pop” business. For example, a large company